Midi Dress

Definition of Midi Dresses:

The Midi western dresses for women are gaining popularity to a great extent these days. But before you wear a midi dress, the first thing that you need to be aware of is – what is a midi dress? “Midi” as the name suggests is a skirt or a dress where the hemline lies in the mid-calf level or the region between ankle and knee. However, the dresses that are being sold in the market with the tag of “Midi” dresses are rarely of medium length in the true sense. There is a valid reason for changing the concept. It is all about the cool fashion in the market which has led to converting of the real midi dresses to the below knee flaring dresses.

Thoughts before you buy a Midi dress:

Few thoughts that come to your mind when you need to buy a Midi dress can be briefed as below –

  • The dress in proportion: The western dresses for women you buy, especially the Midi dress, needs to be in proportion to your height and shape of your body. The standard dress that is available in the store is meant for women with a height of 5”9.
  • The Shoes you should wear with Midi dresses: The basic way to wear a midi dress is by matching it with a shoe that compliments it in all possible ways. The ideal law states lower heels for higher midis. Similarly, if you have a midi with the hem as long as your calf then higher heels suit it best.
  • Coats that suit you the best: If you are wearing a midi dress, another point of consideration while getting ready is the coat to complement with the dress. The usual suggestion requires you to wear a coat that is either ending above the waist length or the long ones. It is good to avoid thee coats that are almost in the length of the hem of your dress.

The five basic rules to know before you wear a Midi Dress:

There are five basic rules of wearing the Midi western dresses. If you follow them, you are sure to look gorgeous when you attend formal parties –

  1. The right length for Midi dresses – When you select a midi dress to ensure the length of the hem lies slightly above the mid of your calf. If the mesh under the fabric ends little lower to the main hem then allows space for the fabric to distribute itself.
  2. Sandals with straps and heels – A sandal with heels and straps compliments a midi dress the best. The main reason to choose such a sandal is the fact that it helps in creating an illusion where your leg looks elongated in conjunction with the stumpy appearance of the dress. Ensure the straps are tied high around your ankle.
  3. Fabric as light as a mesh – When you buy midi dresses, you need to choose one that I made of lighter fabric quality. The dress should not put in extra weight on your figure. A layered Midi dress with mesh inside gives you a nice airy feel. This kind of look also makes you appear taller and slimmer.
  4. Tie a belt around your waist – As you wear a Midi dress, don’t forget to define your waist. A midi dress has a belt around the waist looks highly flattering and stunning on women.
  5. A-Line Silhouette – Every single figure looks stunning and perfect when you wear a dress with an A-Line Silhouette. This kind of dresses accentuates near your waist whereas appear flared at the bottom. This just a simple but elegant style to wear to a party. Elegance is the best way to grab attention

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Wearing Midi Dresses in during winter times:

Do you feel Midi skirts and dresses are not meant for the winter season? If you feel so, it is high time to change your view with few tips on how to wear Midi dresses in winter. Following the below tips till remain a style icon for the winter fashion.

  • In winter you are bound to wear tights along with your midi dress, but why not create the illusion of bare legs by wearing a nude colored tight? Wearing tights that are nude under your midi dresses makes you look absolutely
  • If nude tights are not comfortable for you try out lighter shades for nude like that of grey.
  • A full-length midi skirt requires cropped or short tops.
  • The winter look becomes complete when you wear a cardigan that is short and cropped.
  • If you have a plan to wear heels then wear high ones
  • If you feel the cold calls for a coat, then it’s surely a long coat.